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The following letter was send to UFT District 21 Representative Kate O’Hagan:

I wanted to share my daughter’s journey in the public school system. Skye entered pre-K as a special needs student. I was anxious as to how she would adjust, but I quickly realized she was in exceptional hands with her teacher Mrs. Pellizzi, para Mrs. Gonzalez, and special education itinerant teacher Ms. Desiree.

Skye was excited to go to school and couldn’t wait to see what she would learn next. She was writing sentences, reading sight words and understanding basic math. The learning exceeded my expectations.

My daughter continued to flourish in kindergarten. She was now reading books, expanding her vocabulary and getting 100s on her spelling tests. Her teacher, Mrs. Rodriguez, taught her to be an independent thinker and learner. Mrs. Rodriguez challenged her students, which made them better learners.

Skye was then declassified as a special needs student and moved on to 1st grade with no supports! She had a first-year teacher, Miss Quinn, who was full of energy and eager to teach. By the end of the year, Skye was able to write paragraphs, master sight words and understand literary concepts, and she was reading above grade level.

Now Skye is in 2nd grade. She again has Miss Quinn, who creates an environment where my daughter feels safe and comfortable to take chances and apply critical thinking skills. Her writing assignments make me confident Skye will leave 2nd grade prepared to pass the 3rd-grade ELA exam.

Thanks to these outstanding educators, my daughter knows how to set high standards, strives to reach her goals, thinks critically and knows learning has no boundaries.

That’s why I am a Public School Proud parent today and every day!

Randi Garay, District 21 parent

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