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I’ve been a UFT member for 50 years. My health benefits are worth over $10,000 per year. I got a hospital bill, totaling everything together, for $216,745.15. My responsibility was $300, which was returned to me by UFT SHIP. Thank God for Albert Shanker and all his successors in office who have protected and expanded our benefits.
Ron Salinger, retired (via Facebook)
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Support the union! Pay your dues! Senior teachers, it’s our duty to inform our incoming colleagues. What we have is incredible!
Ann Marie Lercara , PS 68, Queens (via Facebook)
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My husband Tom was diagnosed in August 2011 with Stage 4 lung cancer (he was not a smoker; he worked across the street from the World Trade Center). He passed away in October 2012. I was a stay-at-home mother of five.

Through the union, I was able to provide medical benefits to my family. I am a District 75 teaching assistant, I love my job and am grateful to my union.
Anne McKee, Hungerford School, Staten Island
(via Facebook)

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My mom is a retired para. She went through lung and breast cancer at the same time. The health benefits she has helped save her. I’m so grateful.
Venessa Flores, PS 375, Manhattan (via Facebook)

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