Frequently asked questions about trips

Who may attend UFT trips?

All UFT members, active and retired, are eligible, as well as their family members and accompanying friends.

Do the trips fill up quickly?

Yes, we generally fill trips well in advance of the event and many of our participants return season after season.

When will I know if I have successfully reserved a seat?

Only when we have filled all the seats do we deposit the checks. If your check reaches us after this point, it is returned immediately. If your check has not been returned to you, most likely you’re on the trip. We send out letters between 10 days and two weeks in advance of the event detailing the seating arrangements that have been made for you with pickup and return times and places. There may also be an itinerary of the days’ events.

Is there a waiting list?

Not per se, but we do keep a copy of those who were closed out of an event and should a seat open up, we do contact them.

If I change my mind about a trip, may I request a refund?

All trips are non-refundable; you may only get a refund if the UFT cancels the trip. However, if we have not yet cashed your check, we’re able to return it to you. Once the check is cashed (after all seats have been filled), those funds are forwarded to the travel agency involved and cannot be refunded.

May I request special seating?

Certainly! Just enclose a note with your registration if you wish to sit in a particular part of the bus — or if you wish to be seated near a friend. We always make every effort to accommodate our members.

Do I need to add a $1 administrative fee?

Yes, if you’re taking a trip with us or attending a show. (Movie tickets orders are excluded from the dollar fee.)

Is there someone at the UFT that I can call?

Trip coordinators Rovenia McGowen and Chris Santoro can be reached at 646-989-2848. Ask the UFT operator for UFT Events and Marketing Services.

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