Child abuse recognition workshops

The New York State Education Department requires all teachers who are seeking initial or permanent state certification to take a workshop in how to recognize and report suspicion of child abuse. It covers definitions of child abuse, indications that it has happened, and what procedures you should follow if you suspect that one of your students has been abused. New York State mandates that you must be present at the start of the workshop in order to receive the state certification. All workshops begin promptly. No late admission will be permitted.

Online registration is available to members only. 
Non-members who wish to register for these workshops,
should contact the UFT Course Program at 212-475-3737.

The UFT offers this workshop to its members for a $25 fee, payable in non-refundable check or money order. Non-members pay $50 in non-refundable money order only. All fees to be made payable to UFT/Child Abuse. For information, call 212-475-3737.

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