School Chapter Leaders


Chapter leaders are the backbone of the UFT. It is you, the union’s frontline representatives, who know best what is happening in the schools; who can report how budget cuts really affect students and educators; and who can motivate and mobilize UFT members into the powerful force that we are. This section of the website was created to provide you with information and tools to do this invaluable job.

Important forms for chapter leaders

File a Step 1 grievance

Use this form to assist members in filing a grievance regarding a contract violation. It is your responsibility to represent the member and the union at the Step 1 conference. 

File a consultation committee report

Use this form to record the issues discussed at the monthly meeting you hold with your consultation committee and your principal.

File an operational issue report

Use this form to report an operational issue at your school (i.e., an issue dealing with paperwork, curriculum, professional development, basic instructional supplies, workload or space) to the UFT.

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