School Chapter Leaders

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Chapter leaders are the backbone of the UFT. It is you, the union’s frontline representatives, who know best what is happening in the schools; who can report how budget cuts really affect students and educators; and who can motivate and mobilize UFT members into the powerful force that we are. This section of the website was created to provide you with information and tools to do this invaluable job.

Use the new process under the contract to resolve workplace issues quickly

Ratifying the new DOE-UFT contract that gives members new voice was an important first step. Now the real work begins. As chapter leaders, you play a critical role in exercising that voice, organizing and empowering your chapter, and resolving school-level workplace issues by building on the success of the paperwork reduction process.

The DOE and the UFT have finalized the system-wide standards covering the operational issues of paperwork, curriculum, professional development, basic instructional supplies, workload and space. Use this new process at your disposal to quickly resolve workplace issues; it’s not a tool to harass principals.

You should submit an online paperwork and operational issues report (you must be logged in to the UFT website to access it) the day you attempt to resolve the issue with your principal through a one-on-one conversation, an email or your UFT consultation committee. From that day, your principal will have five days to rectify the issue.

If the issue has not been resolved in that time, the issue may be escalated to the District Paperwork and Operational Committee. If it is not resolved at the district level, the central committee will review the complaint. At that point, the UFT can take any unresolved issues concerning paperwork, curriculum, professional development and basic instructional supplies to arbitration.

Unresolved workload and space issues affecting functional chapter members can be escalated to the UFT president and the schools chancellor, or their designees. Superintendents received these same standards today and they will be included in next week’s issue of The Principals’ Weekly.

Please contact your district representative if you have any questions.

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