I'm still having trouble signing up or logging in to UFT.org

Make sure you can receive UFT.org email messages. Receiving and opening an email message from UFT.org is an important part of the sign-up and password-reset processes.

If you're not receiving emails from us, it's possible that your email host is blocking UFT.org email messages or marking them as spam. Check your junk and spam mailboxes or make sure you whitelist UFT.org in your email settings. Once you have unblocked UFT.org mail, try finalizing the sign-up process or resetting your password again.

Here are help pages from some popular email hosts explaining how to unblock or un-spam legitimate email messages:



If you have a Gmail account


  1. Go to Gmail
  2. Go to the left column where it says Inbox, Starred, Drafts, etc. scroll down and find "More" (in the dropdown menu)
  3. Under More, you'll find the Spam folder
  4. Right click on any "@unitedfederationofteachers.org" or "@uft.org" email address and mark as "NOT SPAM"
  5. Go back to UFT.org and ask for another password reset link (as they expire after 30 minutes)


Source URL: https://www.uft.org/faqs/im-still-having-trouble-signing-or-logging-uftorg