Enrichment resources for remote learning

We’ve collected a variety of websites students and families can use at home for enrichment. The activities are educational, but also fun and engaging. Each content area has a range of resources for different interests and age groups.

Paint palette, brush, and feather

The Arts

Want to create a new beat, take an online workshop or draw along with a famous author? Check out these Arts resources.

Enrichment resources - ELA icon

ELA & Humanities

Learn vocabulary set to rap music, hear performances of stories written by kids, or enjoy books being read by famous actors.

People stretching

Fitness & Movement

The antidote to being stuck in the house is to move. From yoga to workouts, sports practice to meditation, we have some links to get you going.

Chess piece that turns into a puzzle


Play digital versions of your favorite board games, solve an online puzzle or explore learning games for all ages and abilities.

STEM icon of beaker


Check out some math activities, hands-on science experiments, or learn the basics of computer programming with these tools.

Directors cut image


Free access to children’s programming, the best TED Talks for kids, documentaries for teens, and more.

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Virtual Tours

Though you can’t leave your house, you can still take a trip. Visit famous museums, landmarks, zoos and even Mars, all online.

Source URL: https://www.uft.org/teaching/classroom-resources/remote-teaching/enrichment-resources-remote-learning