UFT demands bargaining over OATH return-to-work date for hearing officers (per session)


The following email was sent to all hearing officers (per session) on April 16 by Hearing Officers Chapter Leader Sofia Balile.

Last week, many of us were surprised to learn that the city's Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings set a tentative reopening date of Monday, May 4. While we all want to return to work, we have some trepidation about the inherent hazards at our worksites prior to the office closures. In response to our concerns, and in the absence of concrete information as to what protective measures may be under consideration, on April 15 the UFT filed a demand to bargain, citing the “impact on the health and safety of our members.”

Read the UFT's demand to bargain »

Regardless of whether OATH reopens on May 4 or a later date, we will continue to monitor this situation and keep you informed.

On a different note, I also want to advise you about revised procedures now in effect at the New York City Employees Retirement System in response to the coronavirus crisis. These temporary operational changes will make it easier to conduct business with NYCERS during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the COVID-19 FAQ page »

Read instructions to complete Form #204 - Power of Attorney »

This form and other resources are also available on the NYCERS website.

Members are encouraged to sign up for an online MyNYCERS account to conduct business, including submitting your service retirement application. You can log in at www.mynycers.org and submit a retirement application online rather than by mail or fax. 

NYCERS representatives are available at 347-643-3000 to answer your questions and help schedule phone consultations. 

Stay safe and healthy. More information to follow.


Sofia Balile
Hearing Officers Chapter Leader

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