COVID relief package includes $13B for K–12 schools

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The $2 trillion coronavirus relief package passed by Congress on March 26 includes $13 billion for K-12 schools. The money will be distributed in proportion to how federal Title I funding is allotted.

Education officials said it allows for a wide berth in terms of spending.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, meant to bolster government response to the coronavirus pandemic and ameliorate the economic fallout, also includes $150 billion in direct aid for state and local governments facing budget shortfalls because of the coronavirus crisis. New York State will receive about $5 billion of those funds but is facing a $10-15 billion loss in revenue as a result of corona- virus-related business closures and social distancing efforts.

Under the federal legislation, all loan and interest payments will be deferred through Sept. 30 without penalty to the borrower for all federally owned student loans.

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