Agreement on remote work and related services adaptation document (RAD)

Coronavirus Update

The following email was sent on Saturday, Sept. 26, to school counselors from Chapter Leader Rosemarie Thompson.

I have good news about our work hours and an update on the completion of the Related Services Adaptation Document (RAD).

Remote work

The DOE will be instructing principals that all UFT-represented employees in all job titles who have no on-site duties or responsibilities have the option to work remotely. This applies to UFT members who have full days of remote responsibilities as well as UFT members with on-site assignments who have work that can be done remotely when no students are assigned to be in the school building.

So, starting on Oct. 5, if you have no student-facing work left for the day in your school building, you can complete the rest of your work day remotely.

Supervisors may require UFT-represented staff to remain on site on an as-needed basis only.

Read the full agreement »

Related Services Adaptation Document

The Related Services Adaptation Document (RAD) replaces the Special Education Remote Learning Plans that you completed for remote learning between April and June. Mandated counselors should complete and issue this new SESIS form for all students on their related services caseload. The purpose is the inclusion and engagement of parents in the development of the document. Reminder: You do not need to obtain parental consent or fill out consent forms before completing the related services adaptation document.

For details, please read the full guidance on the DOE website »
(Please note that you must be logged into the DOE website to view this page.)

Thank you for making your voice heard as we worked to reach these new agreements with the DOE. And thank you for the work you do every day to support New York City students.

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