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Regarding school reopening in the fall: I’ve been in the classroom since September so it doesn’t faze me but it’s not the case for all. I strongly feel that students learn best in school but some have thrived with remote learning and parents should be given a choice. That said I didn’t like dealing with the DOE’s options to opt in to in-person learning at different points in the school year. That back and forth was too much for teachers and kids. I am hoping for the best but know that again a lot will fall on teachers’ hands as usual!

Zuleika Maldonado, PS 154, the Bronx
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Perhaps the DOE can still keep some form of a remote schedule for some students/staff who prefer it. Working remotely wasn’t all bad. Lots of students/staff actually work better using that type of work structure. The DOE needs to become more progressive and forward thinking about how students and staff learn and work.

Iris Loira-Carrero, PS 16, the Bronx
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