Resolution on UFT endorsement for City Council offices

WHEREAS, the New York City municipal general election will be held on Nov. 2, 2021; and

WHEREAS, due to term limits, the general election will feature the turnover of close to three quarters of the New York City Council, with more than 300 candidates having participated in the June 2021 primary elections; and

WHEREAS, of the incumbents endorsed by the UFT for the June 2021 primary and general election, 14 successfully won their respective primary races, including Carlina Rivera in District 2, Keith Powers in District 4, Diana Ayala in District 8, UFT member Eric Dinowitz in District 11, Kevin Riley in District 12, Rafael Salamanca Jr. in District 17, Francisco Moya in District 21, James Gennaro in District 34, Adrienne Adams in District 28, Robert Holden in District 30, Selvena Brooks-Powers in District 31, Justin Brannan in District 43, Kalman Yeger in District 44 and Farah Louis in District 45; and

WHEREAS, an additional 20 City Council candidates endorsed by the UFT for the June 2021 primary and general election won their respective primary races, including Erik Bottcher in District 3, Julie Menin in District 5, Gale Brewer in District 6, Carmen De La Rosa in District 10, Marjorie Velazquez in District 13, Pierina Sanchez in District 14, Althea Stevens in District 16, Amanda Farias in District 18, Sandra Ung in District 20, Tiffany Caban in District 22, Linda Lee in District 23, Shekar Krishnan in District 25, Nantasha Williams in District 27, Lynn Schulman in District 29, Lincoln Restler in District 33, Jennifer Gutierrez in District 34, Crystal Hudson in District 35, Alexa Aviles in District 38, Ari Kagan in District 47, and UFT member Steven Saperstein in District 48; and

WHEREAS, it is important that we unify and stand behind candidates we believe will win their general election and ultimately will act in the best interest of UFT members for the next two years; and

WHEREAS, the following 14 candidates won their June 2021 primary elections and/or are candidates for consideration in the general election, completed and submitted a UFT candidate questionnaire to affirm their understanding of and outline their positions on our issues, and have been recommended for an endorsement by our borough political action coordinators and their respective political teams: Christopher Marte in District 1, Shaun Abreu in District 7, Oswald Feliz in District 15, Tony Avella in District 19, Julie Won in District 26, Felicia Singh in District 32, Chi A. Osse in District 36, Sandy Nurse in District 37, Shahana Hanif in District 39, UFT member Rita Joseph in District 40, Darlene Mealy in District 41, Charles Barron in District 42, Mercedes Narcisse in District 46, and retired UFT member Sal Albanese in District 50; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, the UFT endorses all 48 candidates named above to represent their respective districts as City Council members for the 2022-23 two-year term.

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