What you can do to help the class size bill

Our Kids Need Smaller Class Sizes

The vote on the bill to lower class sizes (City Council Intro 2374-2021) is in jeopardy. Right now, there is no date set for it to take place. The bill has 39 co-sponsors, over a 34 supermajority for a veto-proof vote, but the vote has been stalled.

Now we need to call on New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson to move forward with a vote before the end of the year.

Contact New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson and tell him to bring the bill (City Council Intro 2374-2021) to a vote. Our kids need this legislation passed.

Sample email text

To: SpeakerJohnson@council.nyc.gov

Dear Speaker Johnson,

Thank you for signing on in support of the bill that would reduce class sizes in New York City (City Council Intro 2374-2021). As [an educator/a parent/a student] in a New York City public school, I’m grateful for your support. I urge you to schedule a vote on this important legislation so New York City students and educators can look forward to the future they deserve.

We want the same opportunities for our students that children in other parts of the state already enjoy when classes are small: closer connections with their peers and teachers, more individualized instruction and more chances to shine.

At a time when our children’s lives have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t wait any longer to pass legislation that would make our classrooms safe and make a significant difference in students’ educational experience in the years ahead.

Please bring the City Council bill to a vote.

[Your name]

Sample phone call script

Call Speaker Johnson’s city office at 212-788-7210 or district office at 212-564-7757 and say:

I’m calling to thank Speaker Johnson for his support for the bill to reduce class sizes in New York City (City Council Intro 2374-2021) and to encourage him to schedule the bill for a vote. The bill is important to me as [an educator/a parent/etc.], and I would really appreciate Speaker Johnson’s support in making lower class sizes a reality.

On Twitter

Tweet @NYCSpeakerCoJo and tell him to bring the City Council Intro 2374-2021 bill to a vote. Share what smaller class sizes would mean for students. Use the hashtag #OurKidsNeed and/or tag @UFT so we can amplify your message.

Or click to send these tweets from your Twitter account:

Graphics you can share

Sample Facebook posts

Share our graphics on Facebook with your friends or in your Facebook groups. Tell your social networks in your own words why smaller class sizes would make a difference.

Sample text:

The City Council is considering a bill (City Council Intro 2374-2021) that would reduce class sizes in New York City. For the first time in decades, we have the education funding to hire staff and secure space to lower class sizes in every school. A majority of City Council members have signed on to support the bill. Please email or call City Council Speaker Corey Johnson and encourage him to schedule a vote on the bill!

Spread the word

  1. Sign and share the petition calling on NYC elected officials and the DOE to seize this once-in-a-generation opportunity. (More than 25,000 fellow educators, parents and advocates have already signed!)
  2. Share this flier with neighbors and members of your school community.
  3. See our supporters. Thank your City Council member for backing the bill.

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