Safety and health for new teachers

See the UFT's coronavirus hub for the latest information regarding safety in schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The mission of the Safety & Health Department is to protect UFT members from occupational hazards and to protect members’ rights when incidents happen. We do this by providing information about potential hazards; advocating on behalf of members to address unsafe conditions, safety, and student discipline issues; and collaborating with appropriate city and state agencies to enforce health and safety standards.

Please call the UFT Contact Center and ask to be connected with your borough health and safety representative if you need assistance with:

  • An incident in your school;
  • An environmental safety hazard; or
  • An unsafe situation at work.

Report safety and health concerns and violations

If you know of a safety incident, report it! The has an online reporting system to make it easier for members to report threats to the safety and security of staff and students.

File a incident report »
The UFT Accident Report (A-412) sets forth the reporting and notification requirements that school officials must follow when a school-related incident or crime occurs. It also establishes the school’s responsibilities when the police or other investigatory agency seeks to question students and staff and when the police arrest a student. Procedures for granting medical exemptions to the cell phone policy have been added.

See the Safe Secure School Method of Reporting Procedure
This flyer outlines the different methods for contacting the UFT regarding a safety issue. 

Additional resources

Learn more about incident reporting, school safety plans, environmental and health hazards, safety workshops and more »

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