Career training for paraprofessionals

Programs for paraprofessionals to further their education and careers

Career Training Program
The Career Training Program (CTP) provides eligible UFT paraprofessionals with the opportunity to earn a Bachelor’s degree. The program pays tuition for from 3 to 6 credits per semester for undergraduate study at participating colleges/universities.

Long Island University programs
The Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University School of Education offers undergraduate degree programs paid for by the NYC Department of Education with vouchers covering 6 credits each semester in early childhood, childhood education, adolescence education, and physical education.

Bilingual Pupil Services
BPS is a Title I, Tax Levy program which operates within the New York City Department of Education, Division of Human Resources, Office of School Based Support Services. Its purpose is to prepare and train bilingual paraprofessionals in pursuit of a teaching career to support and serve English Language Learners (ELLs) in Title I public elementary schools.

LEAP to Teacher
LEAP to Teacher (LTT) is a collaborative program between the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU) and some CUNY partnering Colleges. LTT provides a set of free, specialized support services for paraprofessionals, teachers and UFT members who are pursuing higher education and advancing their career in teaching or any other field of study. LTT is currently offering services across eight  CUNY campuses (Borough of Manhattan Community College, Bronx Community College, Brooklyn College, College of Staten Island, Lehman College, Medgar Evers College, Queens College & the School of Labor & Urban Studies).

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Online psychology degrees
This list of online undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology may be of interest to paraprofessionals studying from home.

DOE memos on career training for paraprofessionals

DOE Memo: Career Training Program Release Time for UFT Paraprofessionals
Paraprofessionals who meet the requirements indicated in this memo are eligible for release time for non-classroom study or travel from work to their college/university. The DOE will grant release time each college semester (fall, spring and the first summer session only, not later than June 30) to eligible paraprofessionals who are attending or taking online coursework at an accredited college or university.

Release Time Memo
Personnel Memorandum #3, 2008-2009: Career Training Program Release Time for UFT Paraprofessionals.

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