What is excessing? What is the difference between excessing and layoffs?

Excessing is the process of reducing staff in a particular school when there is a reduction in the number of available positions in a title or license area in that school. Notification of the risk of excessing usually occurs in June in preparation for the next school year. After a principal notifies someone that they are at risk of being excessed, the DOE will review and will either approve or rescind the excess. People who are excessed maintain their full pay, benefits and rights under the UFT contract. Excessed staff may then seek other positions. In contrast, the term “layoff” refers to a firing when the total workforce must be reduced or there are not enough positions in the entire city school system in the right license areas for the people employed

Source URL: https://www.uft.org/faqs/what-excessing-what-difference-between-excessing-and-layoffs