Education Officers and Education Analysts

Ardell J. Long-Temple

Ardell J. Long-Temple,
Education Officers and Analysts

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Education Officers and Education Analysts Chapter website. We hope this site will help you to easily find information you need.

I am the new leader of the Education Officers and Education Analysts Chapter and I look forward to working together to strengthen our chapter through sharing information and networking amongst ourselves. Together, we are strong.

Our chapter includes Associate Education Officers, Associate Education Analysts, Education Officers and Education Analysts. We can help each other gather and disperse information so that we are mutually informed of policies, strategies and job-related information. Information is power. Let us be strong and powerful together.

If you have a question, please email me at It's always a good idea to cc: UFT Special Representative Patricia Crispino at and UFT Member Representative Bradley Alter at You may also contact the UFT Contact Center at 212 331-6312. Please be sure to tell them you are an Education Officer, Education Analyst, Associate Education Officer or Associate Education Analyst.

If you are new to the chapter or would like to receive union emails and action alerts as well as enroll online for UFT courses and workshops, please sign up on the UFT website.

Last, please take a few minutes to review the left sidebar where you will find links to important information. You'll also find a great deal of useful information including DOE rules and regulations governing non-pedagogical administrative employees. Otherwise, you can send me your questions using this online form.


Ardell J. Long-Temple
Education Officers and Analysts Chapter Leader

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