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Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy, Chapter Leader for Retired Teachers

IRMAA Update

NYC began paying out the IRMAA reimbursements.

It should be noted that not all the payments are correct. If NYC didn’t get to process them in time, they were paid based on last year’s IRMAA level. We have been told that they are currently going through all of them and those that were underpaid or were incorrect will be issued the balance in the next 6-8 weeks.

Dear Retiree,

Welcome to the Retired Teachers Chapter section of the UFT website. These are difficult days as we all navigate the changes to our lives triggered by this pandemic. I hope that you and your family and friends have been able to stay safe and healthy. The UFT's Retired Teachers Chapter can offer assistance in these times of need. Please check out the phone numbers and the links to useful resources listed below.

In the interest of safety, all retiree activities, including RTC general membership meetings, Si Beagle courses, trips, seminars and the Day at the University, have made the transition to Zoom.

In 2020, we called as many RTC members as we could reach in the greater New York area and around the country to see how you were doing. We are still here to help.

We celebrated our 61st anniversary as a union in March 2021. We have much to remember, celebrate and build upon.

When times return to normal, we will join together again in all our regular activities and enjoy the camaraderie we've built over the years. Please stay safe and stay connected. The union is here for you.

In Solidarity,

Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy
Chapter Leader

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