A note about your union dues if you're working for the DOE

If you return to work for the Department of Education and continue to collect a pension, you will find that you are paying union dues both as a retiree (from your pension check) and as an employee (from your payroll check). This duplication occurs because two separate agencies are involved. The Department of Education does not know that you are retired and it automatically deducts dues from every employee represented by the UFT.

The UFT has upgraded its computer systems so it is no longer necessary to submit copies of every check stub for reimbursement. Your refund is automatically sent to you at the end of each year. You can anticipate a refund of the lesser amount in approximately three to four weeks.

In some instances, the UFT may find it necessary to request copies of all your check stubs, so we recommend that you retain copies until you receive your refund.

Source URL: https://www.uft.org/chapters/retired-teachers/you-should-know-retired-teachers/rules-working-retirees/note-about-your-union-dues-if-youre-working-doe