Support for carriage horse trade misguided


I am concerned about President Mulgrew being one of the signatories to a New York Central Labor Council statement in support of the carriage horse trade. As a member of the UFT Humane Education Committee, I would like to state that many teachers work to impart kindness to animals and its corollary — positive attitudes toward people.

Reputable organizations such as the ASPCA have been trying to have carriage horses banned from New York City. Animal welfare groups have also been documenting automobile accidents — always to the detriment and pain of the animal and sometimes causing injury to people as well.

It is so unusual for me as a teacher to be on the same side of an issue as the mayor, and not the UFT president, but in this case I think it’s imperative to stop and think. We cannot support someone’s job just for the sake of the job if it involves systematic cruelty to animals.

We should not be supporting jobs that teach children that exploiting animals and putting animals and people in jeopardy are acceptable. President Mulgrew, please withdraw your support for the presence of carriage horses in New York City.

Dr. Joyce Bloom, PS/MS 95, the Bronx

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