Long Island City HS culinary arts scholarship winners

Showing their pride
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Showing off their culinary creations are the five students who won scholarships and Molite (far left), Achiron (fourth from left) and hospitality teacher Alexis Raccasi (far right).

Union leaders joined with educators, parents, students, community leaders and politicians on May 2 to celebrate the success of Long Island City HS students who won five scholarships to the top culinary arts programs of their choice. The students entered into a competition sponsored by the nonprofit Careers through Culinary Arts Program, winning a total of $335,000 in scholarship money — one student alone won $109,000 for his program. “We’re over the moon with these results,” said culinary arts instructor Laura Molite, who has taught for seven years at the school. The students are in a four-year culinary program and apply for the competition in their senior year. Molite said the students dedicated up to five hours a day to practicing, including giving up lunchtime, after-school and weekend hours to practice the skills they would need to nail the recipes. “You can see the results of their labor,” she said. Students created the menu and catered the meal for the breakfast meeting, which about 100 people attended. “We are extremely proud of all the students and want to see our program expand,” said Long Island City HS Chapter Leader Ken Achiron. “It’s a great program with fine teachers, terrific students and delicious food!”

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