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Know your rights

License renewal

  • NYS Speech Language Pathologist License
    This license is renewed every three years. You will be reimbursed by DOE after you update your new registration date into NYCAPS. If you have any questions about your reimbursement, email The DOE reimburses members four times a year.
  • Medicaid License
    This license is renewed every five years. You complete the revalidation form and submit. Refer to the Medicaid Speech Guide to guide your through each licensing process.

Medicaid per session

As part of the 2016 Memorandum of Agreement, all speech providers with a caseload of 30 students or less are entitled to 10 hours of Medicaid per session each year and all speech providers with a caseload of more than thirty30 are entitled to 20 hours of Medicaid per session. Speech providers are permitted to work these hours at home only for the purposes of entering information in the Encounter Attendance SESIS function.

Other issues

  • Evaluations
    As a rule, speech teachers do not have the time to provide complete initial evaluations at their schools.
  • Speech and Language Progress Reports
    The DOE requires that students receiving related services must be re-evaluated every three years to assess whether they still need those services. Here are answers to common questions about preparing these "triennial examinations" for students in your caseload.

DOE documents

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