Uniform allowance for OTs and PTs

Some OTs and PTs did not receive their uniform allowance in the last paycheck of the calendar year as they were supposed to. We have been in touch with the Department of Education about this problem.

According to the DOE, the problem is related to the fact that many OTs and PTs were appointed to permanent positions under civil service effective Sept. 2. Apparently, the DOE’s payroll system did not recognize that people in the new title codes for the permanent positions are supposed to receive the uniform allowance.

We have been assured that the Office of Payroll Administration is working to correct this error. If you are eligible for the uniform allowance and did not receive it in this last paycheck, you should receive it in your paycheck by the end of January.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at lmcdonnell@uft.org.

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