Exhibit M — 2005 Letter Agreement

January 31, 2005

Lucille Swaim
Federation of Nurses/UFT
52 Broadway
New York, NY 10004


Dear Ms. Swaim:

This letter is intended to document the discussions we had at our recent collective bargaining negotiations, and the steps that will be taken in connection with these issues:

  1. VNS provides Escorts or Escort/Translators, as appropriate, for Registered Nurses working in designated Escort Areas, or where Escort/Translators are required for proper patient care, as long as there is appropriate preplanning and notification by the Registered Nurse of his/her planned schedule. Since the Union cited instances in which they believe that Escorts with appropriate language skills had not been readily available, Nursing Management has met with Controllers to insure that they track any problems which occur with regard to the assignment of Escort/Translators to identify any pattern of assignment problems or difficulties that can be avoided by appropriate adjustments to avoid such problems in the future.

    As always, we welcome input from the Nurses regarding assignment problems or suggestions that can form the basis for improving the assignment system going forward.
  2. In connection with our discussion regarding lost earnings by Per Diem RNs due to computer problems, VNS will be reinforcing with its managers the importance of a consistent application of its discretionary policy of providing offsetting  compensation to Per Diems who lose earnings because of unavoidable computer breakdowns beyond their control that require them to unnecessarily be in the office for an unreasonable period of time to have the problem corrected. We will continue to monitor compliance with this policy, and we encourage input from the Union during the period of our new Agreement concerning any problems encountered by Per Diem RNs in this regard.

Denise M. Davin
Vice President for Human
Resources and Labor

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