VES Consultation Meeting Minutes: January 20, 2016

Date: January 20, 2016
Time: 9-10:30 a.m.
Location: 400 1st Avenue, Manhattan, 7th floor

In attendance were: Gregory Santamoor, Educational Vision Services Director; Vincent Pedulla, UFT Chapter Leader; Esther Denis, ADA Para and recorder of meeting minutes.

Issues discussed:

Revisions to school-based option

We discussed how to alter SBO positions to serve current needs. Mr. Santamoor suggested modifying the job developer position to transition coordinator. Mr. Pedulla mentioned expanding the evaluation coordinator position to include technology evaluations. This was part of the original SBO

Finally, we discussed a new position for outreach and development coordination, which could include a commitment of one day per week to do outreach and PR for visual issues.

Teacher directives vis a vis paras

Mr. Pedulla said some EVS paraprofessionals were concerned about their responsibilities vis a vis teacher directives that take them away from their assigned students. Mr. Santamoor said paraprofessionals may come to him for clarification but a classroom teacher may ask a para to do other tasks, when it is warranted and if the student’s needs are being met.

Staff and payroll personnel

After discussing some issues with payroll paperwork, Mr. Santamoor said it can be challenging for payroll personnel to get the required paperwork submitted. However, monthly time sheet submissions have been more consistent.

Saturday Braille program

Mr. Pedulla suggested using per session budgets to pay staff to re-establish the Saturday Braille program for students and parents. Mr. Santamoor said per session would have to be included in the budget to pay for that, and that if it were not used, it would be removed.

Mr. Santamoor also mentioned that we need per session for the Braille challenge next year and per session for proctoring exams for some teachers. We need to revisit per session for next year in May 2016.

  • Our next meeting may be in March.

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