Wrong choice for education secretary


Is it just me, or does Betsy DeVos make Cathie Black look like Diane Ravitch?

Tina Silverman PS 54, Bronx
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Betsy DeVos — what a perfect choice for secretary of education. She can do to the nation’s schools what she did to her home state’s schools. It turned out so well for them.

Helene Korman, retired
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If Betsy DeVos becomes U.S. education secretary, it will mean public school funds allocated for private schools and charters that don’t have to follow local district guidelines. They’ll sell it as an option for low-income children. The reality is the stipend will go toward an expensive private school, but not cover it. 

How will low-income earners pay the difference? What happens to the public school kids with less money allocated? Societies throughout history have become autocratic when the general public is undereducated — not knowledgeable enough to speak up or be heard! Tell me again how Trump and his cronies are going to make our country better.

Patricia O’Hearn Berger, Los Angeles, Calif.,
elementary school teacher
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