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Political Action and COPE

We help each other by standing together. That’s the idea behind the UFT’s Committee on Political Education (COPE), which is at the heart of the union’s political activities in New York City, Albany and Washington, D.C.

Through voluntary contributions, UFT COPE:

  • Ensures better wages, benefits, pensions, working conditions and job supports for its members;
  • Secures the financial and political support for innovative education programs, such as our Community Learning Schools Initiative and cutting-edge career and technical education programs;
  • Allows us to fight for affordable housing and rent regulation, immigrant rights, social justice issues and civil rights; and
  • Helps the UFT support candidates who will stand up and fight for teachers, parents and children.

Helping others is what we do; it’s why we’ve chosen our professions, hoping to make a difference in the world. The simplest way to support your union’s political action is through voluntary contributions to COPE. COPE allows us to have political power and make a difference. With a collective voice, we strengthen schools, build communities and improve our families’ lives.

See your chapter leader to sign up. Most members contribute just $5 per paycheck to support activities such as lobbying, printing and mailing of literature, campaign support for endorsed candidates, rallies, voter registration drives, online informational campaigns and phone banks.