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New Members

New Member Handbook: With topics ranging from your salary to your professional growth to where to go for help, this handbook will provide answers to many of your questions, information about enhancing your professional and economical status, and help in making sense of what can often be a complex system.

Teacher Evaluation

Getting started with the new teacher evaluation & development system: A quick-start guide [2013-14]

Summing it up: An end-of-year guide to the new teacher evaluation & development system [2013-14]

Parents & Community

Strengthening our Communities

Breathing Easier: Helping Your Child Manage Asthma at Home and at School

Respire Tranquilo: Como ayudar a su hijo/a a controlar el asma en el hogar y en la escuela

Finding your way and finding your voice in the New York City school system: A short guide for parents. The UFT put together this resource booklet to help parents navigate the New York City school system and be informed advocates for their child’s education.


21 Reasons to Join the Retired Teachers Chapter: Thirteenth Edition. Includes the essential New Retiree Checklist.

The Red Apple for Retirees

Health Benefits

The Red Apple Benefits Guide: UFT Welfare Fund health and benefits information for employees and families.

Safety & Health

BRAVE Anti-Bullying Resource Guide

Breast Cancer Early-Detection Program

Guidelines for Addressing the Needs of Students in the Aftermath of Trauma: The following document is a joint effort of the UFT and the Department of Education and is designed to help you and your students in the immediate aftermath of a major tragedy like that which we experienced on September 11, 2001.

Health & Safety for the Paraprofessional: A useful guide to help paraprofessionals in the New York City public school system keep themselves healthy and safe.

Managing Stress: A Guide for UFT Members

Safe: Not Sorry!: How not to be a crime victim in New York City.

Straight Talk from the UFT: Indoor Air Quality

Viral Hepatitis: The United Federation of Teachers prepared this pamphlet to answer questions asked by school staff who are concerned about catching hepatitis from their students or fellow staff members.


Occasional Per Diem Secretary's Handbook: The work you do as an occasional per diem substitute secretary is very important to students, faculty and colleagues. But despite the key role you play, you might find the process of actually getting a job to be complicated and often frustrating. Don’t despair. The union continues to work to simplify the process, and we’re here to help.


United Federation of Teachers: 50 Years: A PDF version of the limited edition book produced for the UFT's 50th anniversary in 2010. [This image-heavy file is relatively large (21 MB).]

Courage & Strength: The Reflections & Renewal of UFT Members, Ten Years after September 11

Sandy Feldman: In Her Own Words: A memorial booklet produced by the UFT and AFT.

Governance 101: A comparison of the 2002 and 2009 school governance laws.