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Instructional materials and class size

As we enter a new school year, teachers should be aware of the rights of their students to instructional materials and reasonable class sizes.

Planning field trips

No matter what grade or subject you teach, there’s a trip destination for you. Here are some tips to help you plan your next field trip.

New contractual process kicks in to address oversize classes

The UFT began an expedited process of contract arbitration to resolve oversize classes in five chronically overcrowded high schools as the class-size reduction provisions in the new DOE-UFT contract took effect.

Teachers union seeks arbitration orders to reduce chronically oversize classes

The United Federation of Teachers began an expedited process of contract arbitration to force the city Department of Education to lower class sizes in five schools that have a history of forcing children to try to learn in overcrowded classrooms.

Kudos to Jason Klein, Medgar Evers Preparatory Academy, Brooklyn

Jason Klein, the chapter leader at Medgar Evers Preparatory Academy, is now the seventh round of his annual fight to bring class size under control in his high-achieving, overcrowded Bronx school.

Oversize classes drop again

The UFT reported a modest decrease in the total number of oversize classes in New York City public schools this fall for the second year in a row. By the tenth day of school, 401 schools citywide were out of compliance with 2,056 oversize classes,...

Class-size relief to come faster

In the proposed contract announced on Oct. 11, the UFT has negotiated an expedited process to bring relief to teachers facing oversize classes sooner and to address unresolved violations that must go to arbitration faster.

Contract 2018: Expedited process for class size

Timely relief from teaching oversized classes was a priority in these negotiations. The UFT has negotiated a new procedure that will address oversized classes in a way that violations that can be resolved will be resolved sooner and those that must...

Resolution to reduce class sizes to Contract for Excellence law levels

The UFT will continue to fight to get the Campaign for Fiscal Equity monies dispersed to NYC schools.

Super authors!

Behind a door cleverly disguised as shelves at the back of the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company lies a “Secret Library” that houses 826NYC, a nonprofit organization whose true mission is to support student writers.