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Joe Biden to speak at Teacher Union Day

The United Federation of Teachers, as part of its national union’s presidential endorsement process, will host Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden at the UFT’s annual Teacher Union Day on Oct. 20 in New York City.

Albany passes patient protection legislation

In a big victory for the UFT, union-supported legislation curbing hospitals from charging exorbitant fees to out-of-network patients for emergency care passed both houses of the state legislature in June and now needs Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature to...

I no longer want to contribute to COPE. How do I opt-out?

Mail or fax a paper stating you would like to cancel your COPE contribution. The request should include your Name, Member ID# or File# and most recent mailing address. Once we receive the request, it is processed and sent to the City. Once processed...

How can I contribute to COPE?

The simplest way to contribute to COPE is by signing a payroll deduction form, which pledges you to pay a specified amount of your choice each month to the COPE fund. You can contribute as much as you like; typically members contribute at least $5...

What is COPE?

The Committee on Political Education (COPE) is the UFT’s political action arm. It funds lobbying of federal, state and city officials and helps elect candidates who support the union’s goals and positions, particularly in the areas of education,...

Mulgrew to women members: Put on your ‘running’ shoes

UFT President Michael Mulgrew exhorted women in the union to run for elected office at the morning town hall at the Spring Education Conference.

Our time

More than 30 of the 51 New York City Council seats — a common entry point into elected office — will open up in 2021 because of term limits. It’s an opportunity to elect more public school educators and other UFT-represented professionals to elected...

Katz endorsed in primary on June 25

The UFT Delegate Assembly on May 22 overwhelmingly voted to endorse Queens Borough President Melinda Katz in the special Democratic primary for Queens district attorney scheduled for June 25.

UFT fighting to rein in hospital fees

The UFT has mounted a campaign in Albany this spring to pass legislation that would help rein in spiraling health care costs by barring hospitals from charging outrageous fees for emergency care to out-of-network patients.

Lifting New York City charter cap could cripple public schools

This year, the legal cap was reached. While the charter sector is pushing Albany to raise the cap, public school communities are saying enough is enough.