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Testimony regarding testing and alternative measures of performance

The UFT submitted testimony to the City Council Committee on Education regarding testing and alternative measures of performance.

City kids’ state test scores go up again

New York City public school students improved their performance on state math and English tests for grades 3 through 8 for the sixth year in a row, according to 2019 test scores released by the state Education Department on Aug. 22.

Mulgrew statement on state test scores

UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued a statement in response to the results of the first set of state tests tied to the new Common Core standards.

The limits of testing

New York State has begun to undo the legacy of lost instruction and parental anger brought about by the testing craze championed by the school “reform” movement. But it still has a ways to go to create a genuine culture of support for the schools and...

Testing overkill and its consequences

New York City and New York State fell prey to the movement that made standardized tests in reading and math the only important measure of student and school success.

City makes the grade

For the third straight year, New York City made more headway than the rest of the state on achieving proficiency in math and ELA for grades 3 through 8, according to test scores released by the state Education Department on Sept. 26.

Windy City wisdom

“Testing is not the be-all and end-all.” That statement would not be surprising coming from a teacher who sees subject mastery in a student’s class performance and work portfolio or from a parent in the opt-out movement. Both know that a child is...

Testing students and teachers

Albany is finally devising a teacher evaluation system that does not hinge on how their students — or, in many cases, how students in their school whom they don’t even teach — perform on high-stakes state tests.

Bill would halt misuse of tests

A bill to uncouple standardized test scores from teacher evaluations and delete them from students’ permanent records may be close to being approved by state lawmakers.

Discussion about ‘The Testing Charade: Pretending to Make Schools Better’

That a cadre of teachers was taught to believe that test prep was actually quality teaching is the most dangerous and lasting legacy of the United States’ ill-fated obsession with high-stakes standardized tests, according to “The Testing Charade:...