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UFT dues

Where Do My UFT Dues Go?

Members’ dues pay for the full array of services that your union provides to support you and your career — everything from creating educational support services to negotiating and enforcing the contract; to working on regulations at the city, state and federal levels; to providing you with professional, social and entertainment activities.

Membership in the UFT is voluntary, but about 95 percent of employees eligible to join the UFT do so because they understand that standing together with their colleagues brings them strength.

Under state law, those who choose not to join are nevertheless covered by all of the contract’s provisions, including the salary schedule, and the UFT must represent them in every instance in which it would represent a member. Non-members still see a deduction, called an agency fee, for services the union provides.

Only dues paying members in good standing can vote on proposed contracts, as over 90,000 members did in the spring of 2014. Only UFT members can vote in UFT elections at the school, functional and citywide levels. If you are not yet a member, see your school or functional chapter leader or call your UFT borough office for information about how to join or enroll online now.