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Position changes


The DOE posts available openings at its Open Market website. Under the “open market” transfer system, some members, no matter how many years of service, have the right to transfer to another school. It is a way to match members with schools in which they want to work.

Eligible members who want to transfer are free to seek positions in any district, in any school with vacancies, with no restrictions.

Schools may begin to advertise their vacancies on the Open Market website starting mid-April each year.

If the new school wants to hire you, you do not need permission or a release from your current principal or supervisor and can transfer freely through the end of the transfer period, usually in early August each year.

See a comprehensive UFT fact sheet on transferring schools.

Please note: Nurses have their own transfer system. OT and PT supervisors are not on the open market either.


Excessing occurs when a school has more staff members in a specific license area than it needs because of a loss of students or funding. Excessing also can occur when schools close or are reorganized. Excessing is done in reverse seniority order within each license area; the person with the least seniority in that license area would be the first one excessed. Excessing seniority is determined by total time in the New York City school system.

By June 15, or as soon thereafter as possible, principals must notify staff members if they are at risk of being excessed. Excessed members have the right to apply for vacancies citywide under the open market transfer system.

If you are excessed and you do not find a position, the DOE will assign you to an Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) position. An ATR position is a full-time job substituting for absent staff in a school. ATRs can also substitute out of license on a short-term basis. You can continue to seek, and will receive assistance securing, a regular position while you are an ATR. You may be rotated among schools in your district or assigned to a school in your borough that has a vacancy or a need for a long-term leave coverage in your license area.

To be sure your seniority information is correct, check the excessing list in your school, available from your chapter leader.