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The Master of Science Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at the College of Mount Saint Vincent is designed for teachers who hold initial certification in a discipline other than TESOL. This program prepares prospective teachers of English as a New Language (ENL) students, grades PreK-12. The program features quality, convenience, and low cost.

  • 30 Credits (10 courses)
  • 4 online courses in coordination with the UFT 
  • 6 on-campus courses at the College’s Manhattan campus 

Students successfully completing this course of study will:

  • fulfill the academic requirements for initial certification in TESOL
  • be recommended to the New York State Education Department for initial certification in TESOL, grades PreK-12.
  • document completion of 12 credits in a foreign language(s) or sign language prior to program completion. Undergraduate/Graduate course work or equivalent credits or CLEP or NYU proficiency will be accepted.


Prerequisite information
Students who wish to matriculate into the Master of Science in TESOL must have an initial teaching certificate in a discipline other than TESOL.

It is highly recommended that students seek advisement prior to beginning their course of study. Email Dr. Seonhee Cho, faculty advisor of the TESOL program or call 1-718-405-3742.


Students must apply for matriculation before beginning the fourth class in this program of study. The matriculation process must be finalized before the completion of 12 credits. For information about application process and status, contact Charles Frank, Associate Director of Admission for the School of Professional and Graduate Studies and Enterprise rograms  by email  or at 718-405-3438. 

Transfer credit

A maximum of 6 transfer credits from other colleges may be accepted into the program pending departmental approval. Transfer credits cannot be applied to courses required on campus and must meet all criteria (see College Catalog). Only matriculated students may file a transfer credit request application. Official transcripts must be submitted with the transfer application.


six of which must be taken at the Mount Saint Vincent Manhattan or Riverdale campus. The remaining four courses will be offered online in coordination with the UFT. On-campus tuition for graduate courses is $2,550 per 3-credit course. However, special discounts are applied to both UFT and on-campus TESOL courses. A discount of 50% is applied to UFT courses and your actual payment is $1,250 per course and UFT fee $50. Payment for UFT should be made separately, payable to UFT/COURSES. A discount of 25% is applied to on-campus courses and your actual payment is $1,750 per course. 

Degree-seeking students are required to take the following core courses on campus at full college tuition:

  • EDUC 507 Linguistic Analysis (Online)
  • EDUC 508 Structure of American English (Online)
  • EDUC 722 Teaching English as a Second Language I (Online)
  • EDUC 725 Teaching Across the Content Areas: Methods of TESOL, Grades PreK-12 (Online)

Non-matriculated students who are seeking ESOL certifica­tion individually or matriculated students who are taking on­line courses visit this link and follow the prompts.

NOTE: Online courses have synchronous video sessions. Students must have not only internet connection but also a built-in camera and a microphone in their computer. Online courses are offered through College Learning Management System, Canvas

The following courses are held at the Manhattan campus at on-campus reduced tuition:

  • EDUC 504 Cross-Cultural Communication
  • EDUC 506 Language, Cognitive Development, and Cultural Diversity
  • EDUC 605 Curriculum & Materials in TESOL
  • EDUC 726 Assessment in English as a Second Language
  • EDUC 750 Supervised Practicum in TESOL: PreK-6
  • EDUC 751 Supervised Practicum in TESOL: 7-12

NOTE. One supervised practicum in TESOL will be fulfilled at the candidate’s current teaching location when appropriate. The additional level of supervised practicum will be carried out in a level-appropriate summer ENL program. Each practicum requires 60 field hours and 15 hours of practicum seminar.

Late Fees: The college charges a $75 fee for late registration, returned checks, or credit card denial. This fee must be paid prior to registering for additional courses.

Potential graduates should be aware that since most off-campus courses end later than those offered on campus, a diploma might not be awarded until the semester following the completion of course work.



Visit the CMSV website

  • Fill out the online application and click SUBMIT.

There is no application fee when registering online.

Submit the documents below to: 
Charles Frank
Admssions for Graduate Studies
College of Mount Saint Vincent
6301 Riverdale Ave
Riverdale, NY 10471

  • All official college transcript(s) (GPA of 3.0 and above)
  • New York State Initial Certification in a discipline other than TESOL
  • GRE or MAT score report
  • Two letters of recommendation

For course registration information only, call a course program assistant at the UFT, 212-475-3737, or attend the in-person registration events. 

Late Fees: The college charges a $75 fee for late registration, returned checks, or credit card denial. This fee must be paid prior to registering for additional courses.

TEXTBOOKS FOR CMSV COURSES: For a list of required texts, please visit the College’s online bookstore, Akademos.