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Learning Maps for the 2020-21 School Year

The UFT worked with the DOE to create learning maps aligned to the priority learning standards for ELA and Math K-8 for September through November (later installments to follow) and for ELA and Math 9-12 and Science and Social Studies K-12 for the full year. These can support teams as they plan as well as help to identify and fill any gaps in your school’s chosen curriculum. The maps also provide educators with specific supports for in-person and remote instruction. Maps for science and social studies are based on current scope and sequences. 

Learning maps are not intended to replace your school’s curriculum and you should not move units of study or lessons around in your curriculum’s existing scope and sequence just to follow the specific sequence of the learning maps. Their purpose is to support collaborative planning by providing an outline of learning experiences students should have in each grade and within a period of time. Note that learning maps are not intended to be used to monitor student progress or assess mastery of skills at a particular time of the year.