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Dividing in-person ICT classes

New guidance on dividing in-person Integrated Co-Teaching classes 

On the heels of State Education Department guidance regarding flexibility in Integrated Co-Teaching, the DOE and the UFT have hammered out new guidance on when and how in-person ICT classes can be divided. The division of ICT classes into instructional groups that meet in physically separate spaces is intended to increase in-person instruction and services to students while promoting social distancing and adhering to health and safety requirements. Such divisions should not be used as the pretext to create an ICT bridge class.

Further, the following conditions must be met when dividing ICT classes into instructional groups:

  • The class is taught by an ICT partnership that includes two teachers with appropriate general education and special education certifications.
  • The school must have the available physical space to appropriately accommodate such a division.

In these cases, the ICT partnership teachers will consult on how best to divide the students into the instructional groups and how to assure regular, substantive in-person interaction with each teacher throughout the school day, subject to supervisory approval. These instructional groups must be heterogeneous, and they should maintain the ratio of 60% students without IEPs and 40% students with IEPs consistent with DOE policy.