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Family checklist for related service providers during spring break

Check in with all families utilizing this recommended checklist (modify as appropriate based on prior discussions with the family):

  • Has the family consented to teletherapy?
  • How are you doing? (As your relationship allows, be empathetic and sensitive to the immediate needs the family may have as well as recognize the strength and resilience of each family. Note that while you may not be able to support these challenges directly, being aware of them can help ensure that the supports you are able to provide are responsive to those challenges.)
  • How is your child doing? Is there anything you would like to share with me about how they are adjusting to all of the changes around them?
  • What did we offer that was helpful to your child and your family this week? (Follow up questions may seek feedback about specific things that teachers tried, children’s engagement, and how the child and family/caregiver experienced them.)
  • What did we offer that did not work for your child and your family this week?
  • How can we best support your child and your family in the days ahead?
  • Have you been able to access our resources? Can I share some I think your child will benefit from?
  • Do you have the equipment needed for teletherapy? If not, please support the family in requesting a device on the DOE website.
  • If you and the family are transitioning to a DOE approved platform (Google or Microsoft Teams) check in with the family to see if they need support in using the new platform and share the appropriate resource: