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Team High School Newsletters

October 2020
Read about the union's negotiations with the DOE, our remote citywide academic high school and CTE meetings, the 2020-21 CTE events calendar, a shoutout to Williamsburg HS for Architecture and Design, suggestions for practicing self-care, the UFT Member Assistance Program resources, recognizing UFT school-related professionals, UFT Teacher Center resources and the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights music and video contests. In addition, please send Team High School any funny or interesting quotes and comments about your experience working during the pandemic.

January 2020
Read about Regents distributive scoring, Teacher’s Choice funding, planning time for ICT classes, how to nominate a colleague or school chapter for a high school award, World AIDS Day Student Poster Contest winners, responsibilities of school-related professionals, our high school citywide meeting on Jan. 29 and opportunities for high school educators and students.

November 2019
Read about new educators who decide to return to their alma mater, how to nominate a colleague or school chapter for a high school award, reviewing school budgets, the Future in Focus career fair, the UFT Health and Cancer HelpLine, Teacher Union Day, a Queens high school bowling event, our high school citywide meetings and the Thurgood Marshall Summer Law Internship Program.

October 2019
Read about new educators who decide to return to their alma mater, a tribute to two UFT giants, the Climate Strike NYC event, assigning coverages, the Paraprofessional Awards Luncheon and how to nominate a colleague for a high school award.

September 2019
Welcome back to the new school year! Learn about teacher evaluation, new educators who decide to return to their alma mater, the 2019 Caringkind Alzheimer's Walk, new teacher resources, the World AIDS Day Poster Contest, teaching in the age of social media, the Future in Focus fair for unionized careers, low-cost theater tickets for 10th-graders and the agenda for this year's monthly Team High School meetings.

April 2019
Learn about the 6th annual Academic High School awards, new educators who decide to return to their alma mater, election procedures, the Future in Focus fair for unionized careers, the DOE's decision to shut down SESIS, how to update your personal information and the UFT Pride Committee's Daniel Dromm Scholarship for high school seniors.

March 2019
Learn about School-Based Options, CTE Awards, new educators who decide to return to their alma mater and lesson plan expectations. Find out about opportunities including the PDK Educational Foundation scholarship for students pursuing education careers and the UFT Pride Committee's Daniel Dromm Scholarship for high school seniors, as well as the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Teaching Champion Awards for outstanding educators.

February 2019
Learn about the MTA's bus donation to Transit Tech High School, guidelines for ICT and planning time, new educators who decide to return to their alma mater, CTE and automotive technology, the 2nd annual World AIDS day poster contest winner and how to set up a visit at your school. Find out about student opportunities including the Joseph S. Murphy labor studies scholarship as well as the American Museum of Natural History's Saltz intership program and Brown Scholars program. 

December 2018
Learn about how to nominate a colleague for a Team High School Award, the 2018 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, new educators who decide to return to their alma mater, the 2nd annual World AIDS day poster contest winner, the UFT Health and Cancer HelpLine and our upcoming citywide high school meeting dates. Find out about student opportunities at Brooklyn College and Kenyon College as well as how to see Hamilton on Broadway.

November 2018
Learn more about our proposed contract agreement with the DOE, lump sum payments, how to nominate a colleague for a Team High School Award, how to nominate a paraprofessional for an Outstanding Paraprofessional Award, the World AIDS Day Student Poster Contest and how to stay in touch with Team High School.

September 2018
Welcome to the new school year. Learn more about paid parental leave, the Sept. 8 Labor Day Parade, teacher evaluation, preparing for your initial planning conference, Teacher's Choice funding, leadership teams you can join, dental care enrollment, volunteering to assist with the NYC public high school application, student and member spotlight, new teacher resources, how to take your students to Broadway, an Election Day PD on Nov. 6 to address the new global Regents format and how to stay in touch with Team High School.

November 2017
We're accepting nominations for a number of our coveted Team High School awards: the 4th annual Team High School Awards as well as the Career and Technical Education Awards. Read about them and other important news for Team High School members in the November 2017 Team High School newsletter.

September 2017
With the start of another school year, we enter our buildings facing students, who, like us, are trying to process the division, incivility and sense of anxiety that seem to have a grip on this country. We don't have all the answers, but we share a common moral framework that will help guide us through these trying times. Included in this framework: a respect for the dignity of our fellow humans, an unwavering commitment to public education and a deep belief that all people should receive an equal opportunity in life.

May 2017
This month, we celebrate CTE award winners and academic high school award winners at separate celebrations hosted by Team High School. It is also time to discuss school-based options at your school.

September 2016
Welcome back from a well-deserved summer break. We enter classrooms and offices to greet our students and help them sort out the division, violence and suffering extant in our city and country. We have the same questions they do, of course. While this set of circumstances is new, the challenges we face are not. Fortunately for us, the things that will bring us power, opportunity and harmony are the same ingredients that make for great unionism.

June 2016
As educators, we must remember that we are the driving catalyst of our schools. By being organized and unified, we will successfully promote our profession and better working conditions. We will also continue to see student performance improve as we work hard to ensure that our school communities obtain the resources they need and deserve.

May 2016
UFT elections, our Academic High School Awards, Open Market Transfer, the Build-a-Better School Contest and upcoming meetings.

March/April 2016
Learn more about our Union Loud and Proud campaign, the Academic HS Awards Recognition Ceremony, the UFT's Labor Seder, a high school programming workshop, SBOs and upcoming meetings.

February 2016
Learn about the Union Loud and Proud campaign, an upcoming conversation with Ugandan activist Frank Mugisha, our Academic High School Awards Recognition Ceremony, special education and IEP implementation responsibilities, free curriculum resources for teachers, our High School Electronic Media Committee and a student contest for future labor leaders.

December 2015
December is always an exciting time in NYC. We have a lot to celebrate at the UFT as well. Your work in our more than 500 schools continues to make New York proud.

October 2015
As the air gets brisker and the days shorter, we settle into the fall semester with our students. We hope that class sizes have been equalized, that classes are going well for you and that the energy in your schools is vibrant and positive.

September 2015
Welcome back! Find information about the Labor Day Parade, initial planning conferences, reorganization grievances, new member information and a special trivia question!

June 2015
Congrats on reaching the end of another challenging and rewarding school year. The Regents examinations have been scored, and the graduation ceremonies are over. Summertime is here!

May 2015
Information on SBOs, student surveys, program preference sheets, summer opportunities for students, Success Via Apprenticeship, the UFT's winter soccer league, Edwize and the Association for Career and Technical Education.

February 2015
Find out about the High School Awards reception, organizing the fight against Gov. Cuomo, registering for spring high school workshops, paid media internships for high school juniors and seniors, reviewing your personnel file, FAFSA, Teacher's Choice, a student video contest and Team High School citywide meetings.

December 2014
Student video contest, scholarship application information, school psychologists and social workers, chapter newsletters, consultation committees, Team High School Awards Ceremony and CTE Recognition Ceremony, UFT winter soccer team, web development opportunities for 18-26 year-olds.

November/December 2014
Important high school dates, the Big Apple Classic Leadership Summit, new systemwide paperwork standards, the UFT Member Assistance Program, sharing professional development ideas, PROSE, health coverage, supporting the greater union movement this holiday season and how to use Ferguson, Missouri as a teaching opportunity.

October 2014
Information on calculating retroactive pay raises, sample high school consultation item agendas, the UFT Team High School Awards Ceremony, sabbatical applications, student video contest workshop, academic and CTE high school meetings, free tours of historically black colleges and more.

September 2014
Contract implementation, preparing for initial planning conferences, reorganization grievances, new school meet and greet, tools for teaching social studies, new member information and important reminders.

June 2014
Information on organizing time in schools, PD and consultation committees, Team High School summer seminars and 2014-15 citywide high school division meetings.

May 2014
Information on the proposed contract.

April 30, 2014
Team High School book release party, information regarding paraprofessionals and alternate learning centers, Selective Corporate Internship Program, SBOs, Build a Better School contest, family 5K run, new high schools, utilizing shared spaces and Teacher Appreciation Day.

April 2014
End-of-year evaluation, SBOs, program preference sheets, our first Team High School book release party, summer institute for high school educators, Build a Better School contest, and more.

March 2014
The UFT's end-of-year evaluation guide, SBO guidance, organizing the UFT chapter at your school, survey about the use of online grading programs, spring high school workshops and more.

February 2014
Guidance counselors conference, paraprofessional festival, spring high school workshops, citywide meetings, sharing your successes and more.

January 2014
January Regents scoring, CTE summit, COPE, spring high school workshops, UFT Albert Shanker Scholarship and more.

December 2013
Information on the Member Assistance Program and Victims Support Program, the Big Apple Classic, the new Regents exams and forming successful school committees.

November 2013
Information on union-initiated grievances on evaluation, President Obama's visit to P-Tech, Teacher Union Day, the UFT's Albert Shanker Scholarship Fund, the Peer Intervention Program, and Team High School citywide meetings.

October 2013 [PDF]
Information on the new teacher evaluation system, CTE programs, 2013-14 high school committee meetings, driving professional conversations in our schools, and resources for teachers and students.