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Time for SESIS

The item below was sent to principals in the Principal's Weekly on Sept. 16, 2014

In light of the arbitration decision regarding the use of SESIS, please remind DOE related-services providers and other DOE staff that while they must continue to enter their information in SESIS they may not do so outside of their regular work hours, or during their lunch break, without prior approval from their supervisor. 

In order to ensure that all UFT-represented staff have sufficient time during the work day to perform SESIS-related work (i.e. entering information on a student’s IEP, Encounter Attendance, etc.), for the 2014-2015 school year only, you should provide such employees with the time or guidance set forth below:

Time for SESIS

UFT Speech Teachers

Speech teachers shall be given the time allocated for Professional Development, Parent Engagement and Other Professional Work (i.e.155 minutes per week) or equivalent amount of time if the school has an alternative configuration. This is in addition to daily preparation periods.

Speech teachers in multi-session schools shall be assigned to the Student Assessment Activities menu option as their daily professional activity (Circular 6) assignment, or provided with an equivalent amount of time during the workday, for SESIS-related work.

Time dedicated for SESIS work should not impact/reduce the number of student sessions per day. In the event a staff member is able to complete his/her SESIS-related work in less than the time outlined above, s/he may be assigned to Professional Development, Parent Engagement and Other Professional Work consistent with his/her title.

Staff members may be allotted more time if needed at the discretion of the principal and/or supervisor. In addition, please remind staff that if they need assistance in prioritizing work or identifying time in their schedules to perform their SESIS-related work that you are available to review their schedule and work with them to address this issue. .

Note from Mindy

Although the SESIS clarification award, which granted payment for SESIS work done outside of the work day through March 2013, is still being argued in the courts, the UFT continues to fight on your behalf. We have returned to arbitration and will keep you updated in the next few months. Please continue to forward examples of SESIS related concerns, particularly instances where you were disciplined or threatened with discipline concerning completion of SESIS related tasks.