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Enroll in the RTC to access membership benefits

From Si Beagle courses and social services to legal advice and supplemental health care, membership in the Retired Teachers Chapter offers many benefits. But membership is not automatic: You must enroll in the UFT’s Retired Teachers Chapter after you...

Seniors beware: Scammers often target the elderly

Senior citizens need to be wary of emails, phone calls and text messages designed to get them to hand over money or share personal information, an elder fraud expert told UFT retirees at the Retired Teachers Chapter membership meeting in May. Fraud...

From walking tours to tea parties, outings are back

A wildlife refuge an outdoor sculpture garden, museums, a tea party and even a wastewater treatment plant are the destinations for in-person Si Beagle Learning Center outings this spring.

Learning about topics from genealogy to guitar

Thousands of UFT retirees participate in hundreds of Si Beagle Learning Center courses, seminars, trips and dine-arounds each year.

Retirees ease back into in-person events

For the first time since the pandemic began, retirees in September had the option of attending the RTC general membership meeting in person at UFT headquarters and are easing back into in-person events while keeping Zoom options open.

UFT member discounts

Discounts available from the UFT, NYSUT and the AFT are a big deal for members and apply to a wide variety of goods and services.

RTC Service

Beware of scam artists

In a world that is increasingly dependent on technology, everyone is a potential victim of fraud. Tens of thousands of Americans fall prey to swindlers each year. But people over the age of 60 are targeted by scammers, often because they are trusting...

Dial UFT for free, confidential support

From offering support through friendly phone calls to advocating for retirees as they navigate the health care system, the geriatric social workers of the UFT's Retiree Social Services give free and confidential assistance to thousands of members...

All aboard! SHIP benefits upgraded

The Supplemental Health Insurance Program (SHIP), created by the UFT Retired Teachers Chapter to help members pay for out-of-pocket medical costs, continues to grow in enrollment and to enhance its reimbursement for benefits such as private-duty...