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What makes successful co-teaching?

Thousands of New York City public school teachers work together in Integrated Co-Teaching classrooms, in which one special education teacher and one general education teacher work alongside each other. But what are the ingredients of a successful...

Recovery plan boosts literacy, special education and college readiness

A literacy initiative that focuses on getting students reading on grade level by 3rd grade is the top priority of the city’s Academic Recovery Plan unveiled on July 8 by Mayor Bill de Blasio. The plan details exactly how the city will spend $630...

Special Education Guidance for the 2021-22 School Year

The DOE and the UFT have collaborated on a number of guidance documents regarding special education and related services for the 2021-2022 school year.

Valuable insight

Jonathan Hooper, an itinerant teacher of students with visual impairments in New York City and the Braille Institute Teacher of the Year for 2020, works one on one with students at all grade levels in all five boroughs. “With some accommodations...

Testimony regarding the reopening of NYC public schools and its impact on students with disabilities

UFT Vice President for Special Education MaryJo Ginese testified before the New York City Council Committee on Education and Committee on Mental Health, Disabilities and Addiction regarding the reopening of NYC public schools and its impact on...

Renewed focus on District 75

District 75 schools, along with 3-K and pre-K sites, opened their doors for students on Sept. 21, a week before the rest of the school system. District 75 was tapped to go first because in-person learning is particularly important for its students.

COVID creates challenges — and opportunities

UFT Vice President for Special Education MaryJo Ginese writes about how special education teachers and related service providers are figuring out how best to serve their students with disabilities amid the challenges presented by the pandemic.

New program preference guidance

Are there any limits on a parent’s right to refer their child for a special education evaluation?

No. Parents may request an initial evaluation at any time (including prior to or during the implementation of Response to Intervention strategies) to determine if their child is eligible for special education services, unless the student has received...

Can staff members request a reevaluation for special education services?

A student’s teacher or related service provider may make a referral for a reevaluation. Additional information about reevaluations can be found in the Reevaluation section of the DOE’s Special Education Standard Operating Procedures Manual.