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Contract 2019-22: ATRs

  • An ATR’s salary no longer affects the average salary calculation of a school that hires the ATR, eliminating any financial disincentive for a principal to hire ATRs.
  • The DOE can place an ATR into a vacancy in the ATR’s license and borough as of the first day of school.
  • ATRs will be able to apply to a posting for the “4x4 Program,” which is a literacy program in which educators work with small groups of students for the remainder of the school year.

Effective summer of 2021, the DOE will no longer place newly excessed staff in the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) pool. Superintendents, executive superintendents (or a designee) and borough central office staff will find funded vacancies within their district for all newly excessed staff who have not found a job though Open Market in preparation for the upcoming school year. So, if a staff member does not find a position via Open Market, they will be placed in a school in their district. The person will remain there until they transfer or leave the system.

I have not received an ATR (Absent Teacher Reserve) assignment yet. What school/location should I report to?

If a teacher has been an ATR in the past and they did not receive an assignment, they should return to the school to which they were assigned in June. If they are new to the ATR pool, but did not receive an assignment, they should return to their school—they may not actually have been excessed.