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Contract 2019-22: Expedited process for class size

Timely relief from teaching oversized classes was a priority in these negotiations. The UFT negotiated a new procedure to address oversized classes in a way that violations that can be resolved are resolved sooner and those that must go to arbitration are also addressed faster.

  • During the first 10 school days, chapter leaders and principals work to resolve class size overages.
  • Between days 10 and 20, the UFT district representative and the superintendent will work to resolve any remaining oversized classes in their district. Between days 15 and 20 of the term, the UFT district rep and superintendent will each fill out an electronic form for each school indicating which, if any, classes are still oversized and the cause.
  • No later than the 21st day of school, the central class size labor management committee will work to resolve remaining oversized classes. The central committee will meet at least three days per week until it has reviewed the oversized classes in every school.
  • The central committee will also meet no later than the 10th school day to address schools that are chronically out of compliance.
  • Arbitrators will have the authority to determine the appropriate remedy for any school that goes to arbitration. No more DOE action plans.