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Contract 2019-22: Grievance

This contract contains several new ways to resolve grievances more quickly:

  • Five grievances regarding salary, religious observance and injury in the line of duty that are not resolved at the chancellor’s level will be arbitrated in one day. This means five times as many of these cases can be heard.
  • In cases where the chancellor failed to issue a timely decision, the UFT may take five cases per day to arbitration. These dates will not count toward the contractual limit on arbitration days. The result is that UFT-represented employees who file grievances will get an arbitration decision more quickly. Paraprofessional grievance procedure and personnel files:
  • The time limits for how long a disciplinary letter can be placed in a teacher’s personnel file will apply to paraprofessionals.
  • The timelines for filing grievances in the teachers’ contract will apply to paras as well.