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Contract 2019-22: Safety

  • The Central Paperwork and Operations Committee establishes system-wide standards for school safety and positive school culture and climate. Once standards are established, they will be distributed to all schools and key stakeholders.
  • Borough-based safety committees are created and meet monthly to resolve issues that could not be resolved at the school level.
  • The chapter leader is provided with coverage in order to attend meetings of the School Safety Committee.
  • The chapter leader receives a copy of the enhanced School Safety Plan within 30 days of its endorsement.
  • The chapter leader receives a copy of the consolidated School Safety Plan.
  • The chapter leader receives the following OORs information at least 48 hours prior to the School Safety Committee meeting: occurrence snapshot, level 1-5 summary, occurrence summary by code; location summary; and hourly incident analysis.
  • At the principal’s discretion, a dean’s position can be established and filled without an SBO based upon student enrollment (up to 500 students, one dean; more than 500 students, two deans; more than 1,000 students, three deans). Each fall, the DOE will provide training for all deans during the workday.
  • The DOE provides PD to chapter leaders in the first month of school during the workday on school safety protocols, emergency readiness and school culture and climate.