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Contract 2018: ATRs

  • An ATR’s salary will no longer affect the average salary calculation of a school that hires the ATR, eliminating any financial disincentive for a principal to hire ATRs.
  • The DOE can place an ATR into a vacancy in the ATR’s license and borough as of the first day of school.
  • ATRs will be able to apply to a posting for the “4x4 Program,” which is a literacy program in which educators work with small groups of students for the remainder of the school year.
I received an email saying I was eligible for the ATR Severance Package. What do I need to do to obtain my final check?

If you applied for the ATR Severance Package and received an email saying you are eligible, here's what you need to know:

  • You are now listed as "inactive" and have been removed from NYCDOE’s payroll via a retirement or resignation status. 
  • Your Severance payment will be available for pickup beginning Friday, October 11, 2019 between the hours of 9 am - 5 pm. The checks can be picked up from the below location:

Office of Check Management
65 Court Street
basement level
Brooklyn, NY 11201  
**You must present a valid photo identification (DOE ID, Driver's License, Passport, Government issued photo ID, etc.) in order to enter the building and pick up your check.

  • If you are unable to pick up your check in person, or have any additional questions, please contact the DOE Office of Check Management at (718) 935-2219 for further assistance.
Are ATRs (Absent Teacher Reserve) employees entitled to DOE parking permits?

If an ATR is assigned to a building that has DOT authorized parking for DOE employees, they may apply for a parking permit. 

I am an ATR (Absent Teacher Reserve) and have been assigned to a school a far distance from my home. Can I file a hardship transfer request?

As an ATR, you should apply for an "accommodation" from the DOE. More information and the form needed can be found at:

However, regularly appointed teachers who are in a school very far from their home would apply for a hardship transfer. 

I have not received an ATR (Absent Teacher Reserve) assignment yet. What school/location should I report to?

If a teacher has been an ATR in the past and they did not receive an assignment, they should return to the school to which they were assigned in June. If they are new to the ATR pool, but did not receive an assignment, they should return to their school—they may not actually have been excessed.