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Article 13 — Leaves

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  1. Condolence Leave:   A Registered Nurse shall be granted a paid leave of absence of up to five (5) days in the event of the death of the Registered Nurse’s parent, spouse, domestic partner, child, grandchild, brother, sister or grandparent.  A Registered Nurse shall be granted a paid leave of absence of up to three (3) days in the event of the death of a Registered Nurse’s father-in-law, mother-in-law, father or mother of a domestic partner and/or relative regularly residing in the Registered Nurse’s household.  Such leave shall be completed within a reasonable time after the death. Condolence Leave need not be taken in consecutive days.
  2. Jury Duty: A Registered Nurse summoned to serve as a juror will receive his/her regular pay, less any payment received from the court for service as a juror, for each work day spent performing jury duty.  Proof of jury service and payment (if applicable) for same must be presented to the Employer as a condition of Jury Duty pay.
  3. Witness Pay: A Registered Nurse subpoenaed by the Employer to appear as a witness in court by reason of his/her performance of duties as a Registered Nurse for the Employer, will be paid for time spent in court, and will be reimbursed for reasonable transportation expenses incurred as a result of complying with such subpoena.
  4. Unpaid Leave of Absence

    A Registered Nurse with one (1) year of employment will be eligible for leave of absence as follows:

    1. Up to six (6) months for personal illness, with up to an additional three (3) months extension provided medical evidence of such illness is presented in a form acceptable to the Employer.
    2. LGI will provide continued health insurance coverage, at no cost to the employee, for the first three (3) months of childcare leave.  The employee will pay the full cost of health insurance coverage during any childcare leave extending beyond three (3) months.
    3. Leave of absence for Military Leave for the performance of duty with the United States Armed Forces or with a reserve component shall be granted in accordance with applicable law.