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Article 16 — Transportation Allowance

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Registered Nurses authorized to and who use their personal automobiles for LGI business shall be reimbursed at the current designated IRS mileage rate.  Registered Nurses utilizing their personal automobiles in such a manner shall maintain, in force, automobile insurance in the minimum amount of $100,000/$300,000.  Tolls and reasonable parking charges incurred by Registered Nurses while on LGI business, including when required to attend meetings, in-service education updates and training at locations other than where the Registered Nurse is regularly assigned, will be reimbursed when receipts are submitted, provided that the first such claim in any calendar year by a Nurse must provide evidence of insurance in the minimum required amounts specified above.  LGI also shall reimburse Registered Nurses for public transportation expense incurred during work hours for job related duties.  It is expressly understood that the foregoing does not include expenses incurred by the Registered Nurses in connection with normal commutation to and from work.  Nor does it apply to Registered Nurses who telecommute pursuant to an agreement with LGI.