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Article 2 —Registered Nurse Classifications

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  1. Full-Time Registered Nurses are defined as those who are regularly scheduled to work thirty-five (35) hours per week.
  2. Regular Part-Time Registered Nurses are defined as those who are regularly scheduled to work fewer than thirty-five (35) hours per week, provided, however, that Regular Part-Time Registered Nurses shall not include those who regularly work less than four (4) hours per week.
  3. A Temporary Registered Nurse is one who is so informed at the time of hire, and who is hired for a period of up to three (3) months for a special project or to replace a Registered Nurse on leave or vacation.  The three (3) month period may be extended by the Employer, at its option, up to an additional three (3) months or for the length of the leave of the employee being replaced, whichever is greater.   Temporary Registered Nurses do not accrue seniority, but are otherwise covered by this Agreement. Any time worked as a Temporary Registered Nurse shall be credited toward the completion of the probationary period if s/he is retained by the Employer as a Full-Time or Regular Part-Time Registered Nurse after his/her temporary assignment has concluded. However, nothing in this Agreement shall require the Employer to offer regular employment to any Temporary Registered Nurse.
  4. Temporary Registered Nurses who are hired to work at least a regular Part-Time schedule as defined in paragraph 2 shall be covered by the applicable provisions of this Agreement after thirty (30) calendar days of employment.