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Article 23 — Professional Activities

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  1. Policies and Procedures – All policies and procedures promulgated by the Employer relevant to the performance of work by the Registered Nurses (including policies and procedures relating to healthcare management and insurance requirements) shall be made available for reference by Registered Nurses through posting on the Employer’s “X-Drive.”  Registered Nurses shall be notified by e-mail of material changes in such policies and procedures.  In-service education shall be provided when necessary, as determined by the Employer. 
  2. Job Descriptions – Written job descriptions promulgated by the Employer, setting forth principal duties and responsibilities for all job titles covered by this Agreement, shall be made available to the Registered Nurses.
  3. The Employer will exercise reasonable best efforts to minimize assignment of non-nursing duties to the Registered Nurses, which are not ancillary to the performance of their principal duties and responsibilities.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, Registered Nurses shall not be assigned to perform medical billing and coding.